iPhone/Smart Phone

Setting up your IPhone so you can share post from Winnipeg Lost Dog Alerts Facebook page

phone iconWhen you go onto Facebook, www.facebook.com, using Safari on the iPhone, tap on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left much like the Facebook App. Scroll down on the dark area on the left right to the very bottom. You will see a link that says “Desktop Site”. Tap on that and it should take you to exactly the same site you see on your browser on your computer. If you are not logged in, zoom in, log in, and then stay on the opening page.

Before you do anything further, tap the Curved Arrow at the center bottom of Safari. Tap on Bookmark. Then change the title of the Bookmark from Facebook to Facebook Desktop or something similar to remind you. Do not change the second line that has the long link (URL). Press Done.

You can leave yourself logged in (optional).

Now, whenever you launch Safari, you can go to Bookmarks (the little icon that looks like a Book at the bottom), select Facebook Desktop and SHARE YOUR HEART AWAY!!!

ONE NOTE: Because FB thinks you are logging in from a desktop, it thinks ONE CLICK is all that is needed in most areas. We have found that you often need to Tap (Click) something to highlight it and then click it again to have it work. Small thing that you get used to.

Also, when using the actual Facebook App, make sure you select the All link at the top of the page. It defaults to Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert beside it and you won’t see both WLDA’s and Other’s posts.

This should work with other Smart Phones as well.