Found Dog TIPS (city)


Please DO NOT feed the dog any food, just give it some water. This dog could have allergies, and feeding it food that is not part of its diet could make this dog very sick.

Please be aware that bringing a strange dog into your home can be a big decision even if it is only temporary. There may be a period of disruption, and you should be prepared for that.

If you have pets or children, keep the dog away until you have 100 % certainty that they will be safe.

Be aware that it is not unusual for it to be a few days and sometimes even weeks until the owner can be tracked down. If you are unable to keep the dog until the owner is found for any reason, please take it to Winnipeg Animal Services or the Winnipeg Humane Society as soon as you can. They have the best chance of finding the owner and both organizations have a very good success rate.

If you have decided that you can adequately provide care for the dog until the owners are found:

1. Check for license or ID tag, or a tattoo, and ask around the area in case the dog lives nearby.

2. Immediately put a large FOUND DOG sign in front of your yard so that if the owners are out looking for their dog, they will know you have found it.

i. Take the dog for a walk in the immediate area in case the owners are out looking. Do this frequently for however many days you have the dog in your care.

3. Call Winnipeg Animal Services at 311 ASAP to report the dog found. Alternatively, you can file a report at:

4. Contact the Winnipeg Humane Society at 204-982-2025 to file a report & also email a picture of the dog to:

i. The dogs’ owners will most likely be calling Winnipeg Animal Services/Winnipeg Humane Society to see if there is a report of someone finding their dog. Either organization may have contact information for the owner if the dog has a license, ID tag or tattoo.

5. Take the dog to the nearest Vet for a free scan for a microchip or to get help with tattoo identification.

6. Put FOUND DOG posters up in the surrounding area with your contact number.

7. Put an ad on Kijiji under – “Pets, Lost & Found”.

i. If the owner is found, be sure to request proof of ownership.

ii. Acceptable proof is considered to be a vet bill or adoption papers or family pictures with their pet, or have them identify something on the dog. Watch the dogs reaction to their voice or presence for a sign that indicates recognition.

8. Please, once the owner is found, notify Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert, take down all posters & delete your Kijiji ads.



clock iconSouthglen Vet   |   204-452-0077  (730 St. Anne’s Rd)

Plessis Vet   |   204-691-8838  (17 – 1783 Plessis Ave.)

Pembina Vet   |   204-452-9427  400 Pembina Hwy (Pembina Veterinary is open 24/7 for emergencies)

The above clinics will accept lost dogs after hours if they have available space for them. During business hours many clinics will also accept lost dogs to their facilities to ensure their safety.