Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert does NOT condone any searches by anyone that are done on private property without full and proper consent of the owners of that property.

found iconAs well, any private or public property where searches are legal to be conducted should NEVER be damaged in any way.

Drivers of ANY vehicles including cars, trucks, bicycles, ATVs stay on proper roads and follow signs indicating where they can and cannot be driven, and that includes NOT DRIVING IN DITCHES!

Ask the property owner, even when consent is given, where you may or may not search and where you may or may not drive.

YOU are responsible for the damages caused and any fines, monies required to repair, etc. are YOUR responsibility.

Be especially mindful of farmers’ fields. The fields can have thousands of dollars of crops planted.

Yards can have tens of thousands of dollars of items under the surface such as septic fields, etc.

Park your vehicles and WALK whenever in doubt!!!

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert and its Board Members will not be held responsible for any accidents, personal injury or loss of any kind while a searcher is involved in any activities related to Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert.