About WLDA

Founded in 2011

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert Inc. (WLDA – wil-da) was created by a man who was out searching for a dog and thought there had to be a better way to communicate with other searchers out there.

He created the Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert Facebook page as a central place to post information on lost dogs in the Winnipeg and surrounding area, the coordination for searching for them, and updates on who are out searching, where, and when.

Since its creation, we have a wonderful group of followers who volunteer their time and resources to give needed support to the ones that have lost their dog as well as tips and ideas on what to do when they have lost or found a dog. These volunteers will also go out searching for a missing dog, either by vehicle (using their gas) or by foot, walking in bushes or swamps. Members of this organization play a vital part on getting these lost dogs home.

With the help of our wonderful volunteers, the Facebook page has grown fast. Because of this, Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert has been and will continue to look into better ways of organizing the searches, volunteers, sightings, sharing of information – anything that we can do to get the lost and found dogs home more quickly.

You too can play a vital part in getting lost dogs home!

If you are interested in becoming a part of this organization please complete and submit the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM. There are many positions that need people like you to fill and help us help these lost dogs.