Our Mission

To assist owners/finders of lost & found dogs of Manitoba find their dog’s way back home.

Bring awareness to individuals, groups, organizations and public on how to prevent pets from getting lost.

To assist any individual, group or organization involved in the community in any endeavour WLDA deems helpful in reducing the occurrence of lost pets in Manitoba.

Our Website

On our website, you will find tips on what to do when you have lost, found or have seen a loose dog. You will also find information on how to keep your dog, or the dog you might be babysitting or fostering, safe.

Feel free to browse the tabs on our website. Each page is to provide you with as much information as possible, as quickly as possible.

Some features you may find useful:

  • Quick and easy forms to send vital information to our administrators
  • Tips for both City and Rural situations
  • Resources such as prevention tips, important phone numbers
  • Easy navigation to find what you need quickly